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Smoked Fishes

Currently, these items are available only at the store. Our fine smoked products are largely done to order. Please call to inquire on current availability

We begin with the freshest White Sturgeon, produced by our partners in Aquaculture. Fresh boneless fillets are available, lightly cured and cold smoked. Or if you prefer a bolder flavor we would suggest our hot smoked sturgeon. Our White Sturgeon is raised in pure well water and fed natural vitamin enriched shrimp and fishmeal.

The same wonderful Sturgeon is hot smoked in 2-3 pound fillets. The skin is left intact, because of a more cooked texture is not available pre sliced. However, the hot smoking brings out a more distinct flavor that you are sure to enjoy.

The delicate fillets are lightly smoked over pecan wood. The skinless fillets are presented 8 fillets per tray. They make for a wonderful appetizer with a fresh dill oil or processed into a delicate mousseline.

We offer the following products all raised through aquaculture. We use only Kosher Salt, Natural Herb's and Spirits to cure our products. They are then lightly Cold Smoked so as not to disguise or overwhelm the integrity of each specie. We use a unique mixture of alder, hickory, and fruit woods. All of our Salmon varieties are available in

We start with fresh Atlantic Salmon, farm-raised in Norway. We then cure it with the traditional ingredients, fresh dill, salt, and sugar. This is the only prepared Salmon where we include sugar in the curing process. It just wouldn't be the same without it.

We begin with a fresh Atlantic Salmon farm-raised on the Emerald Island. It is cured in the same simple manner of all our other premium cured and smoked Salmon. Utilizing only Kosher Salt. After curing, the Salmon is lightly misted with Jameson Irish Whiskey prior to smoking. The natural smoky characteristics of the whiskey add a subtle depth and smooth finish to the Salmon before packaging.

We begin with a fresh Atlantic Salmon farm-raised in Northern Scotland. Utilizing the same simple method of curing, we lightly mist the Salmon with Glenlivet before packaging. This produces a Smoked Salmon of great character.

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