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Interview with Blaise Simpson Writer and former Editor of W magazine

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Try our daily roast of heirloom squashes from Blue Jay Farm

Bill with diving assistant, Niece Evie,fresh from the Mattapoisett Beach. We also caught a Conch. Pasta with Clams coming up!

Fishguy's Skrei featured on
ABC 7's Hungry Hound!

Featured at Travelle, Mesa Luna

Grace, Benny's Chophouse, and Table 52


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4423 N. Elston Ave. Chicago, IL 60630.
Market Open Monday - Saturday
Closed Sunday
(773) 283-7400 Fishguy/ Wellfleet

Andy Shaw talks seafood with "The Fish Guy"

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Fresh Illinois Chickens.
Never Frozen, and the only location in Chicago to handle Natural chicken raised in Illinois.Strange but true!

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