Holiday Preorders

Because of unknown exact weights, you will be charged when you pick up at store. The deposit of ten dollars is only a formality required by the ordering platform. Thank you.

Balik Salmon (Lax or Lox) $34.00 lb. 8 oz. increments
Balik Salmon (Lax or Lox) makes perfect appetizers and canapes. Our "house specialty" Salmon is cured to perfection with house smoked sea salt. We deep trim and hand slice each serving. Price is $34.00 lb. ***Order by half pound increments***
Purebred Wagyu Culotte Roast
This is purebred Wagyu. Big difference from American cross breeds. The best bang for the buck in our opinion. Makes for a lovely carving roast. Weights average 5 lbs. $26.00 / LB
Magret Duck Breast
This is a double breast averaging 30 oz., or roughly 1 pound per breast.Minimum order is 2 lb. Of all our specialty seasonal products, this is my favorite.Very difficult to find a quality Duck breast of this size, anywhere. 2# average size. $23.00 lb. $23 / LB
Purebred Berkshire Pork 8 rib French Rack
aka Kurobuta, this is a Pure Bred Black Hog, originally bred in Berkshire,England. One of our favorite chefs, who grew up on an Iowa Hog Farm, says it's the best he has ever tasted. 8# average rack. $17.95 / LB
TiKuni Grass fed New Zealand Lamb Rack
Frozen in 2 16-18 oz. racks per package. 22.00 lb We will prep and french the racks for you. 3 day notice needed for prepping